Today’s 24hr on-the-go shoppers may not always be at home to accept a delivery, so it’s no surprise that a growing number of people need to have an access point to pick up their missed parcel.

We accept shipments from the UPS drivers and store them until you the customers collect them

We also accept UPS packages or return shipments for the UPS drivers to collect from us.

How It Works

When a UPS delivery driver comes knocking on your doorstep you may always not be at home so the driver kindly leaves a Missed Delivery card at your doorstep with our address and the details of your parcels and he will leave your miss-delivered parcel with us for you to collect it the next day!

If you have a UPS parcel that needs to be sent you can bring it to us and we will scan it for you give a receipt and we will keep it safe until the UPS Collection Driver comes and pick it up from us to forward it to its destination!